Barak Zemer

May 20 – Jun 24, 2023
The Fulcrum is pleased to present Constellations by Barak Zemer. Spending long periods of time stuck in
traffic, isolated from reality by the contours of his vehicle, Zemer often has found himself using the car
as his studio. This approach has allowed him to look at the often ignored space of the car as a stage for
action and exploration of the banal moments between destinations and another. Unable to look through
the viewfinder while concentrating on driving, Zemer renders incidental compositions in camera that
reflect the topography of the space between destinations. Objects are installed hanging from the roof o the car, and the camera shoots random alignments of objects swinging in the moving vehicle. The destinations themselves, like the spontaneous images made in the car, are background for similar moments of serendipity, full of small actions waiting to be captured by the camera. Infast-paced city like Los Angeles, we often forget to look at the small things, the many constellations that make up the bigger picture that is every day.

Barak Zemer Lives and works in Los Angeles. Originally from Jerusalem, Israel, Zemer graduated in 2013 with an MFA from the USC Roski school of Art and Design and completed his BFA at the Bezalel Academ of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Zemer has shown in venues such as Night Gallery, Altman Siegel gallery, Ballroom Marfa, CEPA Gallery Buffalo, The international Photography Festival in Tel Aviv, Fusedspace Joan Gallery, Arturo Bandini, Ltd Los Angeles and the Haifa Museum. His work has been written abou and reviewed in numerous publications such as Aperture Magazine, Los Angeles Review of Books, L Weekly, Contemporary Art Los Angeles (Carla), and The New & amp; Bad Magazine. Zemer is currently  senior lecturer at Otis College of Art and Design.