All Paths Connect at Some Point or Another

Maude Arsenault
Michael Tyrone Delaney
Rebekka Deubner
Daniela Ruiz de Esparza
Thomas Locke Hobbs
Sara Perovic
Kisshomaru Shimamura

September 12 – October 3, 2021

All Paths Connect at Some Point or Another is a group exhibition of works from Maude Arsenault, Michael Tyrone Delaney, Rebekka Deubner, Daniela Ruiz de Esparza, Thomas Locke Hobbs, Sara Perovic and Kisshomaru Shimamura. It takes place digitally and in our space The Fulcrum, in Chinatown.

The group exhibition offers an intimate space removed from both your domestic and the natural worlds, and allows viewers reflection through the  ruminations of others. The works presented give evidence to an intimacy resembling familiarity within something constructed. The spaces give an illusion of a collective life without the gratification of touch, alluding to a speculative space, places where imagined light never is.