Untitled Fixed

Josh Schaedel

The piece by Josh Schaedel began as a photograph of a surprisingly realistic looking repair of a broken tail light, made entirely out of colored tape, which was shot in a restaurant parking lot. While the final image, recorded on a DSLR was exhibited in print, a snapshot taken with a phone and shared to Instagram went viral, picked up first by photography accounts, then spread quickly to a surprisingly broad range of users, companies, and geographic locations. With each re-posting, the image took on the meaning projected by its user, and generated conversations colored by that context. Here, the apparatus of photography, including its technology and means of dissemination, is used as an opportunity to curate work through the filter of re-presentation offered by Instagram and the screenshot. The complete body of work took the form of a 171 page phone-sized book, which chronicles the re-posts and commentary over the course of a year.

171 Pages, 4”x6”, Perfect Bound, Edition of 50



Ian James

A manic deep dive into spiritual technology. Ian James’s photographs of healing technologies meander through metaphysical pilgrimage sites of the New Age. Time is reframed and seen as a technology unto itself. The book functions as a component to the artist’s upcoming exhibition Rainbow Brain of Timeship Earth.

32 Pages, 5.5”x8”, Spiral Bound, Edition of 50