Neither Nor

Bingyang Liu

May 22 – June 20, 2021

The Fulcrum Press is proud to present “Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden” Chapter 6: Lotus as well as Měi Guó Rén. Since moving back to China from Los Angeles due to the pandemic Liu has contemplated whether he considers himself an Asian American artist or Chinese artist and how photography can construct identity and community.

“Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden”
Chapter 6: Lotus The Lotus flower is one of the most iconic subjects among amateur Chinese photography enthusiasts. The gesture of spray water from the mouth often used by this community to create a personal version of the ubiquitous imagery. Bingyang repeating this gesture, to explore cultural identity through image.

Měi Guó Rén
In this body of work, Liu uses a Chinese edition (re-published by Steidl in 2018) of the iconic photo-book The Americans by Robert Frank, and searching Badiou (China’s version of Google), to explores concepts of translation, censorship, and identity. Liu’s book will live stream from PostPost, in Beijing, China. At the end of the show there will be a book launch at The Fulcrum, and then he book will be shipped back to China, and shipped back to China.